03/27/15 9:57am

5 Tips for Sexier Instagram Food Pics


M. Wells’ Russian Waffle is delicious and quite photogenic.

“I’ll never use Instagram,” I once said. Famous last words. These days, I use it more than ever. Most of my non food nerd friends know my phone camera eats first. When I’m out with a posse of food nerds, it becomes an Instagram shooting frenzy, and I’ve learned to accept that I just might not get that perfect shot. But what about those other times? I am by no means an expert Instagrammer or food photographer, but I have learned a bit over the few years I have been shooting food. Below are some of my favorite tips.


It’s all about the angle sometimes.


1. Choose a compelling subject: Like the absolutely gorgeus and tasty, Russian Waffle from M. Wells Steakhouse.

2. Get low: Every fresser with a smart phone knows Instagram lends itself to aerial shots of food. Try different angles, like the mouth’s eye view of Thai toast from Sugar Club above.

3. Get in on the action: Is there sauce, egg yolk, or condensed milk dripping from your sexy dish? Shoot it. People diving into that plate of noodles with chopsticks? Shoot it.  


Pig Heaven’s ribs are dead sexy.

4. Go to the light: Food is best shot in natural light. Too dark where you are? Bring that plate to the window. If need be have a friend use their flashlight to provide light from above, and slightly off to one side.

5. Have fun with it: Nobody likes a food photo geek who takes themselves too seriously.

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