02/24/15 3:18pm

Chinese-Korean Dumpling Ladies Land at New World Mall


The stars of Shandong dumpling making have a new home.

After years of being on the chopping block, Flushing Mall finally closed its doors late last month. I can’t say I’ll miss the odd collection of retailers, but the main food court was always a favorite food tour stop, particularly for Diverse Dim Sum’s excellent xiao long bao. And then there were the Shandong Dumpling Ladies located on the already sleepy mall’s even sleepier side.


Dumpling alley at the now closed Flushing Mall.

Zhong Han Mian Shi—literally Chinese-Korean noodle eats/foods—was never a tour stop, but it was comforting to know a small platoon of middle-aged dumpling makers was there day and night turning out Chinese shui jiao, or steamed dumplings, alongside such Korean favorites as naeng myun and soondubu. I liked to decompress and charge my phone after a tour and watch them make dumplings.


Northern Chinese dumplings at New World Mall.

On this sixth day of the 15-day lunar New Year celebration I am pleased to announce Joong Han Boon Sik, as it’s known in Korean, has landed at New World Mall. Last week my friend and I shared a plate of shui jiao filled with pork, shrimp, chive, and sea cucumber. They were as lovely as ever. The Korean style cabbage slaw and dipping sauce were perfect too. Shandong Province,  where the dumpling ladies hail from, has been home to ethnic Koreans for many years thus the Chinese-Korean connection.

Shui jiao are traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year to  bring prosperity. I hope the plate my pal and I ate does the trick. In any event it’s nice to know that the Shandong Dumpling Ladies have found a new home. I might just have to make them a stop on my Flushing food tours.

Joong Han Boon Sik/Zhong Han Mian Shi,  New Word Mall Food Court, 40-21 Main St, Flushing

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