01/21/15 9:09am

Behold Flushing’s Japanese-Chinese Mashup: Crispy Pancake


Even though at first glance it looks like a cookie cutter clone of New World Mall, there are many good things to be had at Flushing’s newest food hall, New York Food Court. On a recent multistop tour of Queens’ Chinatown I turned a posse of avid foodies on to the awesome Sichuan cold noodles and the offal extravaganza that is fu qi fei pian. And they, in turn, turned me on to the crispy pancake, or as the sign renders it, “Th Crispy Pancake,” one of the craziest Chinese sandwiches I have ever had.

“I’m gonna get one of those,” Matt said within minutes of seeing the displays of gigantic flaky sandwiches arrayed on the counter. As we we waited for our house special pork chop crispy pancake, all noted the gigantic sign reading, “NO MSG.”
Soon our number was called, and, after the requisite food porn photo shoot we passed the pancake around each taking a bite or two. With its runny eggy, crisp Japanese style katsu pork chop, and crunchy flaky pancake it was magnificent. So magnificent that I returned a week or two later to have a whole one to myself. It is hands-down the best Japanese-Chinese mashup sandwich to be had in all of New York City. At just under $5, it’s a steal, too!

N ew York Food Court, 133-35 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

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