11/14/14 12:23am

QEDC Crowns Me King of Queens Foodies


Let’s face it as much I profess to  hate the F-word, I am the King of the Queens Foodies. There’s just no way around it. Here’s the thing though, Queens Foodies are different than  typical foodies, who I like to think as merely trendy eaters. We don’tcare about such food faddery as Cronuts or ramen burgers. When your borough includes everything from the Kathmandu cafes and Latin American street food vendors of Jackson Heights to the regional Chinese wonderland of Flushing’s food courts to the West Indian enclave of Richmond Hill where for lunch today some pals and I ate ourselves silly on Guyanese food and Jamaican I-tal cuisine you tend to become a tad obsessive.


I am as passionate about my borough as its food. So it is with great excitement that I announce C+M’s partnership with the Queens Economic Development Corporation. I’ll be doing some writing for their e-mail newsletter and C+M will be featured on It’s In Queens, the organization’s web site devoted to all things Queens. They’ve even give me a title, QEDC Foodie. I have a feeling this going to be a delicious partnership. Long may we reign!

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