10/24/14 10:03am

Is This Flushing’s Best Non-Chinese Breakfast?


Steak and eggs steps away from Flushing’s Chinatown.


I’ve passed by it hundreds of times on the bus ride to downtown Flushing from my home base of Rego Park. “Kane’s Flushing Diner,” reads a sign looming over the brick building, which clearly predates the neighborhood’s Chinatown. “We Love Our High Class Customers,” is painted on the pavement.

Yet another sign announces, “WORLD FAMOUS STEAK & 3 EGGS $8.99.”  I’m always quick to proclaim the regional Chinese culinary wonderland of Flushing as America’s best Chinatown. It’s certainly world famous for noodles, dumplings, and Dongbei cuisine, but Flushing’s not exactly known as a destination for old-school diners.



A slice of Americana en route to America’s best Chinatown.

When it comes to big breakfasts in Flushing my go-to is a predawn bowl of kari laksa at Curry Leaves. The other day though a buddy convinced me to kick it old school and try out Kane’s steak and eggs. And I’m glad I did. Three sunnyside up eggs, a goodly amount of skirt steak, and a veritable continent of hash browns make for a bangup start to the day. It’s certainly the best skirt steak and eggs I’ve ever had in Flushing.

I don’t know if it’s world famous, but one thing’s for sure. Kane’s Diner joins Lucia Pizza’s slice and the pupusa at El Ranchito de Daisy as a new dining option for me. You know, for those rare times I find myself in the hood craving something other than Chinese food.

Kane’s Diner, 44-14 College Point Blvd., Flushing, 718-463-5787

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  • I think Flushing’s Chinese immigrants and expats would disagree with your best Chinatown assertion. Many are unhappy with Flushing’s Chinese options. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been saddled with China’s least popular cuisine. As a friend from Dongbei once said, “Not even Dongbei people like Dongbei cuisine.”…Flushing (Murray Hill) does have great Korean food on the other hand…and don’t forget Flushing’s other great old-school diner, Pop’s

  • when i went years ago, i was greeted by greasy menus. probably not going back.

    • Yeah I hear ya Harvey, my menu wasn’t greasy, thankfully!

      • Joe- the menu may not have been greasy, but it was certainly mind-blowingly psychedelic in an old school, low- tech cut and paste kinda way, no?
        While Kane’s is good at any hour,.its particularly outstanding at that time that YOU usually make your curry laksa run.Oh, the choices one must make!