10/13/14 11:17am

Dumpling Galaxy’s Stellar Garlic Spare Ribs


A satellite of golden fried porcine love.

As a self-avowed Chinese food expert, I have a confession. I’ve probably eaten more smoky American style barbecue spare ribs than sticky sweet Chinese ones. My favorite Chinese ribs these days have to be the Dongbei style Muslim lamb chop as served at Fu Run in Flushing’s magnificent Chinatown. Recently I discovered a close second, and what’s certainly my favorite Flushing pork rib. It’s another Dongbei specialty, suan xian pai gu, garlic flavor spare ribs.I found the garlic and pepper festooned ribs ($18.95 for eight) at Helen You’s newly opened Dumpling Galaxy. You branched out from Golden Mall’s Tianjin Dumpling House to open the aptly named Dumpling Galaxy, which offers 100 or so dumplings, about a month ago. All of the dumplings I’ve tried have been excellent, but I’m intrigued by the constellations of other dishes on the vast menu like those juicy, crunchy fried spare ribs. Each is impaled on a skewer the end thoughtfully wrapped in foil.

Next month Dumpling Galaxy rolls out a vast breakfast menu that includes pork, chicken, and lamb tacos among other things. Here’s hoping those tacos—no doubt more of a Chinese wrap—are as stellar as all the dumplings and the wonderful garlic spare ribs.

Dumpling Galaxy, 42-35 Main St., Flushing, 718-461-0808

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