07/29/14 10:09am

Oreo Crème Filled Chips Ahoy Are a Disappointment


Sometimes more is less when it comes to cookies.

The Oreo has been one of my favorite cookies since I was a kid. Dunked in milk or even deep-fried, it’s a taste of simpler times.  A few years ago Nabisco began rolling out a whole range of new flavors, some good—notably chocolate and peanut better—and some bad, like watermelon and banana split. In fact there are some many flavors that I like to joke about new Brand Expansion Oreos. Now Nabisco has jumped on the mashup bandwagon with Oreo Crème Filled Chips Ahoy.

I like a nice Chips Ahoy dunked in milk. My affection for an Oreo dipped in moo juice runs just as deep. Somewhere some marketing genius must have thought it was a good idea to combine the two classic childhood cookies to make something twice as good. “It’ll be like that thing they got in New York with the croissant and the donut,” somebody in Nabisco HQ probably said.

Unfortunately the Oreo Crème filled Chips Ahoy manages to be less than the sum of its parts. There’s just enough crème inside the cookie to make you wonder what the sugary stuff in the center is when you bite into it. Nabisco has taken two great products and a created a third that while it will certainly satisfy a sweet tooth, is pretty disappointing.  For the record my favorite old school cookie besides the Oreo is the Nutter Butter.

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