07/09/14 12:16pm

Mille Caresses Wagyu Makes Me Want to Fly to Japan


The steak sandwich of my feverish dreams.

If I could up and leave New York City right now I’d hop on a plane to Japan. This sudden burst of wanderlust stems not from a desire to eat sushi in its homeland, but rather to savor a sandwich. What sort of sandwich is worth flying halfway across the world you ask? Why a glorious looking deep fried wagyu steak sandwich, naturally.

I’m not sure whether to thank Instagrammer little_meg_siu_meg, a well-travelled and well-fed Hong kong Kong resident, for posting the above snap of the special wagyu hire katsu—a deep fried wagyu fillet sandwich—from Mille Caresses in Osaka, Japan. For this sandwich, which she describes as “very addictive” has become fodder for many sleepless nights. “It is not a mouthful of wagyu fat,” Meg writes. “It is indeed a piece of steak, but feels like the muscle fibers have disappeared.”

At 2800 yen it clocks in at about $28, which doesn’t seem so outrageous. It’s the airfare to Osaka that I can’t get my wallet around. Thanks for continuing to make me hungry, Meg.

Mille Caresses, KitaShinchi Bldg. 1F, 1-6-1 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

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