06/18/14 12:05pm

Watch Action Bronson Rhapsodize About the ‘Liveracce’

“It was off the wall it was so good,” proclaims Queens-based rapper/chef/plus-sized male model/marijuana enthusiast Action Bronson in the latest episode of his Vice show Fuck, That’s Delicious. The object of his affection? The liveracce sandwich at Paesano’s in Philly, which manages to combine fried chicken livers, orange zest, and gorgonzola. Fast forward to the 16-minute mark to check out this inspired creation. “It’s a real eaters sandwich, you know, “Bronsolino recalls. “It’s not for the faint of heart by any stretch of the fucking imagination.  A novice isn’t going to come in there and chow that down.”

The sandwich also includes garlic aioli, roasted tomatoes, hot peppers, and salami. Paesano’s chef, Peter McAndrews likens it to  a buffalo chicken liver sandwich. A buffalo chicken liver sandwich, that I want to travel to Philly to eat right now.

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