06/09/14 10:17am

The Best-Kept Burmese Soup Secret in Queens


Crazy Crab’s ohn-no kout swei eats kind of like a Burmese kari laksa.


When I walked into the Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation’s Seventh Annual Burmese Food Fair yesterday I had a familiar feeling of being overwhelmed. There were nearly two dozen items from tea leaf salad to various noodle soups and some 10 desserts. Burmese food is quite rare in New York City, but I knew there was no possible way I could try everything. So rather than be engulfed in foodie FOMO I settled on just one item ohn-no kout swei, a spicy chicken noodle soup in a coconut-enriched broth.

It was tasty and bracing, a great to start to a great day of eating. Don’t work if you didn’t make it to the fair. A bangup bowl—enriched with fried tofu cubes, curry leaves, and fish balls—can be had at Crazy Crab. It’s one of a few off-menu Burmese specialties that the hybrid seafood-boil/Southeast Asian eatery offers. You might want to call ahead to check for its availability. On this dreary day, I could really go for a bowl of what I like to think of as the best-kept Burmese soup secret in Queens.

Crazy Crab 888,40-42 College Point Blvd, Flushing, 718-353-8188

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