06/03/14 10:35am

La Esquina Del Camaron Brings Seabass Empanadas to Roosie


A seafood feast in the back of a Jackson Heights deli.

La Esquina Del Camaron Mexicano is one of my favorite places to eat in the summertime. It’s run out of a deli and trafficks in Mexican style shrimp and seafood cocktails made with a mysterious and delicious tomato elixir. Recently the proprietor Pedro expanded his operations to seven days a week and added a counter and small kitchen. He also added some new menu items.


The empanada de pescado is packed with seabass.

A seabass empanada packed with fish, onion and avocado will set you back $2. It is fast becoming one of my favorite street foods in the hood. The creamy avocado and a splash of hot sauce go nicely with what some might call a South of the Border hand pie.


Pedro’s tostada de pescado is gloriously refreshing.

A tostada heaped with seabass is also just two ducats. The combination of the cool chopped fish; the warm,crunchy disc; and creamy avocado is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. And yes, Pedro does plan to add fish tacos some time in the near future.

La Esquina Del Camaron Mexicano, 80th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights

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  • Don’t need to tell you where I’ll be this weekend Joe. Thanks for the thorough-as-usual insight!

  • Joe, thanks for the tip. Just stopped by and picked up 6 empanadas for the s/o and myself. So. Freaking. Tasty. Pedro was super nice and says he has more items M-F; they’ve set up a jugos stand outside for the weekends only (if I understood correctly).

    • You are welcome! Pedro is a gem!

      • Joe, any idea what hours Pedro is doing each day and if he does the cocktels any days besides Sat-Sun?

        • Wayne, Pedro indicated to me that the cocktails were available M-F (& Sat/Sun) and that he’d be staying open until 9pm during the week. When I stopped by @6pm on Saturday, the cocktails were gone. I’ll probably end up there again in the next few days & will try to get a better understanding of his schedule. Cheers,

  • follow-up to my follow-up and slight correction after talking to pedro last night. first, the cocktails are amazing. second, pedro is going to be open every day of the week. hours are roughly M-F, 11am-9pm; Sat-Sun, until 3-4pm or whenever pedro “wants to rest” as he says. third, he has added the fish tacos & they are $3. fourth, the jugos stand outside on the weekends is not affiliated with pedro. it looked good–avocado, mmm–but it isn’t part of his operation.

    that’s it. thanks again for mentioning this place, joe! not sure how you stumbled across it, but it’s a keeper.

    • Muchas gracias Ryan!! Joe & I have been groupies of Pedro since he was on Broadway at Glober Market. It’s so great to see him expanding and doing well, he is not only a great food guy, he’s a humble and wonderful man