06/23/14 1:06pm

Have You Tried Doritos New Test Flavors?


You too can be a junk food guinea pig!

I don’t often eat American chips, for I find Thai and Indian junk food far superior. Every now and then though I find myself in a gas station convenience store and bad decisions ensue. That’s how I happened to try Doritos Jacked Test Flavors. Apparently there are three varieties: orange, red, and blue. Presumably the last one tastes like menthol, or more likely blue cheese. I wouldn’t know because my pals and I were only able to sample the orange (404) and red (855) flavors.


The cheesy 404 and fiery 855. 

This isn’t the first time Doritos has put a mystery flavor on the market. A few years ago it introduced an unidentified chip. If memory serves it turned out to be cheeseburger with pickles. Here’s the thing about the two bold Doritos flavors we subjected ourselves to yesterday; it’s not really clear what they are supposed to taste like.

The 404 is spicy and cheesy. My pal surmised they might be going for something Cuban. The ingredients list blue cheese though, so I am more inclined to believe that the good folks in Plano, Texas, where trying for Buffalo wings. The 855 is by far the spicier of the two. With notes of lime, onion and garlic, and overwhelming sweetness from brown sugar, out best guess was Thai as imagined by people who’ve never eaten real Thai food.

I am real curious to know what the other 854 flavors taste like. And I am, of course, curious to know whether anyone has tried these strange new flavor experiments. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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