05/13/14 12:10pm

How Do You Like Your Bagels?


The New York City bagel’s British cousin.

In London they call them beigels and serve them with salt beef. The iconic New York City baked good seems to being undergoing a bit of a renaissance these days. That’s a good thing because the bready coffee cart bagel is a real shonda.  I haven’t been to Black Seed Bagels just yet, but the Montreal style bagel shop has been garnering Cronut level attention. Their sandwich of whitefish salad, cream cheese, and sweet cucumber sounds splendid.  Whitefish salad on a garlic or everything bagel is perhaps is one of my favorites. When I’m feeling especially flush I’ll go for the Russ & Daugher’s meshugge. And sometimes there’s nothing better than a toasted plain bagel slathered with butter. So here’s what I’d like to know, how do you take your bagel?  Tell me in the comments or hit me on the Twitter, @JoeDiStefano.

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  • Lately I’ve been getting a whole wheat everything bagel toasted with chipotle cream cheese, tomato and onion from this spot in midtown called Bagel Express.

    Great combo of the garlicky bagel topped with sunflower and poppy seeds to name a few, smoke and spice from the chipotle cream cheese (which also cuts through the sometimes overwhelming dairy flavor that compromises some cream cheeses), refreshing lightness of the tomato and the red onion that ties it all together.

  • Russ & Daughters opened my mind to the world of fish and bagels. Shelsky’s is my local connect and they do a damn good job too. Pickled protein, chewy carbs, and some creamy fat to tie it all together. Amazing.

  • I’m a purist: plain or sesame only, with cream cheese, maybe also lox or whitefish salad if I’m feeling rich. Untoasted, of course; however, toasted is acceptable if you do what I do and buy bagels in large quantities and slice & freeze them.

  • got to know where to go unless you want a roll with a hole..

    Have tried black seed a few times now – best experience was of course the warm version from the shop on Elizabeth.Tried what was warm and another one that was not warm – no comparison. The version from the Hudson Eats was meh – after all a bagel probably has a 1-2 hour shelf life at best. Certainly better than the “roll with a hole” pseudo bagels but not brilliant or worth the dosh.

    We like ess a bagel, we like tal bagels, we like the place on 2nd Avenue around 56th – if the bagels are warm

    we also like the 24 hour joint on Horace Harding in Queens – just past the cemetery – also forget the name but the car knows how to get there.

    When we embarked on our cross country trip this summer to drive our NYC born + feed to his new job at UC Berkeley, my hubby got up early and drove to said bagel store on Horace Harding for 3 hot everything bagels. Making this last NYC breakfast with a smear, smoked salmon, fresh tomato and red onion, I snapped a shot of the three (loaded) everything bagels and it inspired me to start a facebook page called ” The Three NYC Everything Bagels Buzz Across America” https://www.facebook.com/3nycbagels – chronicling our eventual 11k trip across 25plus states in just over 3 weeks. Some amazing food and friends. We brought bagels to our friends at the first stop but after that we just went with the food flow that was available and offered. Highlights included much pork – 16# of award winning bacon from Pa., Great Lebanese food in St. Louis, Awesome SL Ribs, Kick Ass Pork Shoulder from Port Fonda in KC, Smoked prime rib in Cody Wyoming, but I digress…. Bagels – montreal or nyc – just get em hot and fresh and the rest is nirvana.