04/15/14 12:47pm

Interfaith Matzoh Ball Soup for Passover and Easter


Think those are Easter eggs? Take a closer look.

Passover and Easter fall so close together that it was only a matter of time before they were combined in a culinary mashup. That’s precisely what my adopted Jewish mother Times Ledger food critic Suzanne Parker has done with her interfaith matzoh ball soup. Parker, the Jewish half of a mixed marriage, serves her interfaith matzoh balls for Passover, Easter dinner, or both if the supply holds.



The finished product.

To make your own, prepare your favorite matzoh ball mixture (she uses the one on the back of the Streits matzoh meal box, substituting club soda for the water), and divide it into four (or how many colors you want) portions.  Add a few drops of different color food coloring to each portion, and prepare as usual.

Tonight I’ll be attending a Passover seder at her house, which promises that soup and other surprises. Surprises like a marzipan salami, which prompted my mamelah to proclaim that she was a bad Jew.

“Is there pork blood in it I asked?” in a sly reference to the Italian Easter blood pudding sanguinaccio. “You’ll be fine,” I responded when she said there was none. Happy Passover and Easter to all my C+M family!

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