02/24/14 10:35am

Watch the Spiciest Chinese Folk Song Video Ever

China’s Hunan province is renowned for its fiery cuisine, so much so that’s there’s even a classic folk song “La Mei Zi,” or “spicy girl,”from the region. A savvy C+M reader tipped me off to this rousing video by superstar Chinese soprano Song Zuying. Much as I enjoy hearing her sing the title refrain I am even more amused by the proliferation of hot peppers and the reckless abandon with which they are handled. There’s enough chili peppers in this video to keep the Sriracha plant in business for a year.

“Little spicy girl doesn’t fear pepper/bigger spicy girl doesn’t fear pepper,” go the English lyrics wherein spicy is pronounced “suh-PIE-see.” As someone who got chili oil in his eye last night, all I can say is sometimes it make sense to fear pepper. When it comes to eating chilies though, I have little or no fear. Which is why I am so glad for C+M’s series of audio guides on how to order authentically spicy food. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, be sure to check out the latest installment tomorrow, which is devoted to the fiery cuisine of Nepal.

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