12/18/13 12:20pm

Warm up with the Maracas Style Bake and Shark at Trini Delite


Photo: Dave Cook/Eating in Translation

With the official start of winter just days away my mind turns toward sandwiches served in far warmer climes, specifically Trinidad. To celebrate Saturday’s Winter Solstice why not visit Richmond Hill’s Trini Delite and treat yourself  to a Maracas style bake and shark ($8). The sandwich takes its name from Maracas Beach where many vendors sell the local delicacy. Trini Delite offers it only on weekends, so expect to wait on line. The deejay/CD vendor  playing the hits of Soca Elvis and other  artists will keep you entertained as your appetite builds.

When you do finally order it the counterman will slice a fried round of bread known as bake in half and then began building this dreadnought of a fish sandwich. First a generous portion of crunchy batter fried shark is placed on the pillowy bread. Then come the habañero sauce, tamarind sauce, mango chutney, and cucumber chutney. After the chutneys and sauces come diced tomato and pineapple both seasoned with salt and culantro. Lastly the whole lot is topped with a heap of red cabbage, romaine lettuce, carrots, and garlic sauce.

Let the flavors of the West Indies and Trini Delite’s festive atmosphere wash over you as you try not to think about snowy streets and that last-minute Christmas shopping,

Trini Delite, 110-02 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill, Queens, 718-322-1203

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