12/23/13 9:50am

Exquisite Panna Cotta at a Chinese Bakery in Queens


Best Chinese bakery panna cotta ever!

The last place one would expect to find panna cotta would be a Chinese bakery in Queens. Nevertheless there it was in the case at Morning Glory Bakery, raspberry peach panna cotta, $3.25. Morning Glory’s Chinese buns—particularly the chicken and pork buns with mustard greens and chili are excellent—but what really sets this Rego Park bakery apart from others are items like this panna cotta.

“Is that new?” I asked the lady behind the counter. I’m always on the lookout for new creations from Ping Wing Lee who brings Hong Kong style pastry to a corner of Rego Park better known for Uzbek plov and samsa than Hong Kong style takes on classic desserts. Beneath the layer of raspberry gelatin find custardy cooked cream, below that some sweet peaches. The day I ate it there was snow on the ground, but I imagine the cool dessert would be quite refreshing on a balmy winter’s day.

 Morning Glory Bakery, 93-05A 63rd Dr., Rego Park, 718-830-0888

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