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Where Can I Eat Oxtails in Queens?

The stewed oxtail lunch special at Liang’s.

The stewed oxtail lunch special at Liang’s.

Can you give me a recommendation for a place in Queens to eat oxtails?
Paul Z., Bayside,N.Y.

There are many good West Indian places to eat oxtails in Queens, but I suggest that you go Chinese. The stewed oxtail over rice special at Liang’s Kitchen (133-51 39th Ave., Flushing, 347-506-0115) is quite lovely. For a spicier approach I highly recommend the oxtail and hand ripped noodles at Biang! (41-10 Main St., Flushing,  718-888-7713.)

Whenever I go to the Golden Shopping Mall I find myself very overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds,and aromas. What’s the best thing to eat there?
Baffled in Brooklyn

You are not alone, the first time I went there I left without ordering a thing because I was completely overwhelmed. These days my favorites include cold skin noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods,  fu qi fei pian (aka ox tongue and tripe in chili oil) from the Sichuan spot at the bottom of the stairs, the seabass dumplings from Tianjin Dumpling House, and Nutritious Lamb Noodle Soup. Truth is I’m still exploring this underground culinary wonderland.

What is your favorite ethnic junk food?
Hungry in Hartsdale

There are so very many, but if I had to pick one I’d say Kurkure. It’s like a crunchy Cheeto with a decidedly Indian accent. Seriously spicy, seriously crunchy, and seriously the only Frito-Lay snack to include red pepper powder, fenugreek, coriander, and cinnamon among its ingredients.

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