10/07/13 12:30pm

The Spiciest and Tastiest Kosher Burger Ever is in Hillcrest


Like a Big Mac, but much spicier and much, much more kosher.

The last time I ate a kosher burger was more than five years ago. It was such a disappointment I’ve given  little or no thought to repeating the experience. That is until I came across Burgers Plus out on Union Turnpike in the part of Flushing locals call Hillcrest. Still dubious I asked my pal Meir—my go-to guy for Israeli grub—about it. “It’s really good,” he enthused. “We should have lunch there.”

The menu at Burgers Plus lists four burgers, including a 220-gram lamb number ($10.95) that the grill man said was his favorite. In 2013 Burgers Plus seems to be the only the burger joint that has caught onto the metric system.  I followed Meir’s lead and ordered the 150 gram (5.2911-oz.) house spicy beef burger ($7.95). The burger is also available in a non-spicy version, given the option I always choose spicy.

Looking at the cross section, some days later I think  K-Mac: lettuce; red onion; a spicy tomato salad; all beef patty riddled with chili flakes and annointed with choice of special sauce, in my case hot chili and garlic mayo; topped with sliced tomato and Israeli pickles.  At the time all I could think was, “This is messy, spicy, and way, way better than it has any right to be.”

The “things” at Burgers and Things include fries, onion rings, and burger fries. If you get the latter, one order is sufficient for two, or even three, or four people. It is an overabundance of thick cut salty golden fried slices of potato. If you are given to nocturnal urges for spicy hamburgers and boatloads of carbs,you will be pleased to know that Burgers Plus is open until 2 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday.

Burgers Plus, 147-71 Union Turnpike, Hillcrest, 718-380-6060

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