10/23/13 10:50am

Chinese Chicken for Breakfast at Rego Park’s Morning Glory


The tastiest chicken bun in all of New York City

Roast pork buns—either pillowy white and starchy or burnished and brown—are commonplace in all of New York City’s Chinatowns. Chicken buns, not so much. So the chicken bun at Morning Glory Bakery in Rego Park is especially unique. I like to think of it as a breakfast sandwich, but only because they usually run out it before noon. “Special!! Mustard Stem Chili Chicken Bun,” a hand-written multicolored sign at the counter above a sheet pan of the sandwiches reads.

At $1.75 it is special indeed. The sweet split top bun cradles a mixture of chicken, crunchy pickled mustard green stems, and green chilies. Best of all it’s not too spicy and not too filling. You’ll want to grab dessert at Morning Glory. The owner, Ping Wing Lee was a pastry at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong for years. I highly recommend the lemon grass crème brûlée or a slice of chocolate cake, dark and rich.

Morning Glory Bakery, 93-05A 63rd Dr., Rego Park, 718-830-0888

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