08/16/13 11:41am

Tasty Links from the Gastronomic Blogosphere


Sandheko wai wai, cool kids only!

Thanks to Gary Stevens for turning me on to this great piece on Wai Wai, the Nepalese snack that’s become something of an obsession for me. In it the author describes how the noodles eaten raw were the province of the cool kids in his school. Nice to know I’m finally one of the cool kids.

Max Falkowitz waxes rhapsodic about his favorite steakhouse, and it’s not Peter Luger’s, but rather Argentinean steakhouse El Gauchito in Corona. “The crust is a rich, purple-tinged mahogany, heavily dosed with salt; it gives way to a buttery, resoundingly beefy interior without a trace of chewiness,” he writes of the skirt steak. Have a feeling I’ll be going there soon.

Also on the meat beat, James Boo has an appetite-inducing video of Lechonera La Piraña in the Bronx. Thanks for making me hungry for roast pork and turning me on to Bugalú, James!

Ligaya Mishan makes me want to leave the Central Asian enclave of Rego Park behind and journey to the East Village for some wonderful sounding Georgian food at Oda House, including adjaruli khachapuri that is “too salty, too cheesy and spectacular.”

Japanese-Jewish fusion—including a lox bowl with daikon, avocado, and caviar—has come to Brooklyn thanks to Shalom Japan.

Newly minted Village Voice food scribe Zachary Feldman has an excellent roundup of Upper East Side sushi spots from Eric Ripert fave Sushi Seki and its spicy scallop hand roll to Sushi Sasabune and its 20-piece omakase.

Move over Action Bronson, there’s a new food rapper in town. Empire Plates of Mine, a food obsessed parody of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” by Brian Hoffman of EatThisNY is the best New York City food rap ever. Queens is given its propers too with shots of Golden Mall, Tortas Neza, and Sripraphai.

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