08/07/13 2:15pm

Tasty Links from the Gastronomic Blogosphere


Taco Bell unveiled the waffle taco—a fried waffle cradled sausage and egg—in 100 test markets today. Sadly none of these markets are in New York City. No word on the company’s plans to rollout the a pizza crepe taco pancake chili bag.

Writing for The New York Times Robert Sietsema gives a rundown of Vietnamese joints in Atlantic City, including  Com Tam Ninh Kieu and its hu tieu with egg noodles and pig feet. Sign me up, Robert.

Josh Ozersky tells the tale of a trail at Jonathan Benno’s Lincoln. “I barely did any work at all, but I didn’t act like Mayor McCheese either, and tried my best not to interfere with the machinery of service,” he writes. Cutlets also makes me really hunger some stupendous sounding roast chicken.Am I more of a hot pastrami fan or a smoked lox enthusiast? I may never know, but now I don’t have to decide having  just learned about the Pastrami Russ ($11.10) at Russ & Daughters. Max Falkowitz  writes, “It isn’t just a fish sandwich: it’s three proud Jewish food traditions in one.”

Thrillist taps its collective intelligence to come up with the 33 Best Pizzas in America. Leaving aside the fact that no Queens pizzas made the list—surely the pesto slice at Dani’s House of Pizza deserves a nod—it’s a hunger-inducing roster. Amid the usual suspects Difara, Motorino, Frank Pepe are some truly intriguing pies like the Crab pie at Matthew’s Pizza in Baltimore.

Are you a dog person? Well if you are you might enjoy this account of Oscar the dog food critic and his “Wagat ratings” of Rachael Ray’s  dog-friendly recipes.

Surely this is the only ever vegan conversion/cheese seduction love song ever written.

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