08/15/13 9:54am

Ask C+M: Bizarre Foods America Edition

Mohammed Malik traveled to Jackson Heights to feast on Pakistani offal for his 25th birthday.

Mohammed traveled to Queens to feast on Pakistani offal for his 25th birthday.

Hey Joe I saw you on Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern eating that Pakistani dish. My parents are from Pakistan and I haven’t had the opportunity to try tawa kata-kat. I can’t find the name of the restaurant so I can go there. Can you please provide me the name and address? I will be visiting New York this coming Saturday for my 25th birthday. Thanks.
Mohammed Malik, St. Louis, Mo.

Young man, enthusiastic offal eaters like you are the future of our nation. Tawa kata-kat, the fry up of goat brains, kidneys, and heart seasoned with ginger and chili can be had at Kababish, 70-64 Broadway, Jackson Heights, (718) 565-5131.

What is the name of the rice/squash/bone marrow dish that Andrew Zimmern ate at L’Amour Glatt Kosher in Forest Hills (102-11 Queens Boulevard)? Sounded like “Oshi” something.
Alex, Forest Hills

As best as I can tell it’s called oshi sal. I’m not sure you’ll be able to order though, as L’Amour is primarily a catering hall. You might want to try  marrying into an Uzbek family to get a chance to taste it. Or head over to Rokhat for some excellent plov sans bone marrow.

My brother and I would like to do a food tour similar to the one you gave Andrew Zimmern. The place with the tripe, the other with the kidneys, etc. We are not really into very spicy, but like to eat odd food like that. Do you have a tour we can book?
Frank C., Philadelphia

Frank I’d be honored to design a Queens Extreme Eats Tour for you. We’ll chow down on Sichuan duck heads,Ecuadorean tripe, Nepali goat head, and might even try some Thai red ant eggs. E-mail me at jdistefanonyc68(at)yahoo.com so we can set something up.

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