07/11/13 10:40am

Tasty Links from the Gastronomic Blogosphere

Photo: Saveur

Photo: Saveur

Saveur’s James Oseland declares Flushing’s Mamak House “Probably the best Malaysian food in the States right now . . . especially the shrimp curry with fresh turmeric leaves”

The funny folk over at NPR’s Sandwich Monday take on Chicago’s knockoff Cronut from West Town Bakery. Quoth Peter, “Who wanted this in the first place? Who bought a croissant and said, ‘Dammit, this needs frosting’”

In the why didn’t I think of that category this week is Kim-cheetos, an astonishingly easy fusion snack from Idea in Food.

What if the Taco Town Pizza-Crepe-Taco-Pancake-Chili Bag of SNL fame were real? Domino’s has come close in Korea with its Twist Shrimp Pizza, a double layer pie with regular crust and a cookie crumble crust bedecked with cherries pineapple, and lemon-lime shrimp. Cookies? Now that’s what I call a pizza!

The culinary Vikings over at First We Feast drop the news that Flushing’s finest gourmand-rapper Action Bronson is working on a cooking show.

Bronx maven Chris Crowley is on the trail of the memela, an elusive and delicious sounding Oaxacan corn cake.

The Village Voice has the scoop on those ubiquitous black market subway churros.

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