06/27/13 10:11am

Tasty Links From the Gastronomic Blogosphere

Uncle John’s hot links are revelatory.

Did you know Flushing’s Hunan House has had a sister restaurant hard by Grand Central Terminal for two years? Ligaya Mishan explores the salty, smoky, sour delights at Hunan Manor.

The Times has an interesting piece on the combination of two frosty summertime treats: ice cream and beer, including the amazing sounding “three-hops ice cream with chunks of upside-down cake baked with candied pineapple, tangerine zest and hop leaves.”

Max Falkowitz pens a love letter to Tianjin Dumpling House in Flushing’s Golden Shopping Mall. The primary object of his affection: the excellent lamb and green squash dumplings.

Serious Eater James Boo makes me kick myself for missing out on Mitsuwa Marketplace’s Gourmet Japanese Fair, which featured the likes of four harmony seafood bento, which “combined sea urchin, squid, crab, and salmon roe to form a complex and refreshing bite of uncompromising seafood.”

Writing for Esquire’s Eat Like A Man corpulent polymath Josh Ozersky dubs the late James Gandolfini the “Saint of Bloated Men.”

Over on Bon Appétit’s The Feed, Amiel Stanek, aka The Guinea Pig, tests the efficacy of gauging grill temperature by holding one’s hand over the cooking surface and “holding your hand above the cooking surface and counting the seconds until you recoil in pain.”

Fork in The Road has a hunger-inducing piece on New York City’s oyster renaissance.


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