06/13/13 3:53pm

Tasty Links From the Gastronomic Blogosphere


Photo: Max Falkowitz / Serious Eats

Over on Serious Eats New York Max Falkowitz waxes nostalgic for boyhood dinners at red sauce mecca Park Side extolling its glitzy virtue as “one of the few remaining sources of red sauce fine dining in New York City.”

Ligaya Mishan files on Los Perros Locos, a Lower East Side Colombian hot dog emporium that features such wieners as the Pablo Escobar, which the menu says come with a dusting of Perico. There is, of course, no cocaine on the hot dog. The white stuff is cotija cheese.

Real Cheap Eats give this old Flushing hand a lesson in Chinese breakfast. There’s more to Oriental express Food Court than Tianjin breakfast wraps, like “tofu brains,” a savory northern Chinese take on douhua teeming with mushrooms, ginger, garlic and star anise. Yes, please.

Over on Bon Appétit’s blog Jenny Miller gives a thoughtful examination of the state of street food in Southeast Asia,comparing food served literally on the street in Thailand to the grub served in Singapore’s hawker centers. “Hawker center food tastes good, sure, but I still have the mindset that it’s somehow watered down, inferior,” she writes.

What’s one of the best things about Telly’s Taverna in Astoria? Free post-dinner loukmades. Serious Eats New York’s Sugar Rush describes them thus: “They’re pleasantly uneven—crisp, crunchy tails jumbled with soft doughy bellies—in a dessert that’s more fried dough than yeast doughnut hole”

ZenKimchi’s Joe McPherson makes me very hungry for Filpino breakfast.

Eater reports that in Canada Pizza Hut is celebrating that country’s rich culinary heritage with five new pies,including the cheesy beef poutine pizza. What, no bloody Caesar?


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