06/06/13 10:13am

Tasty Links From the Gastronomic Blogosphere

Uncle John’s hot links are revelatory.

I’ve always been a big fan of the gado gado gals at Masjid Al-Hikmah’s Indonesian food bazaar. Now thanks to Real Cheap Eats I know that they also make a spicier version called pecel.”

“The more we show faith, the better the barbecue has the potential to become,” Max Falkowitz writes in a mixed yet laudatory review of John Brown Smokehouse spinoff Alchemy,Texas, which due its location in the back of old man bar Legends, is “more deserving of the title ‘barbecue joint’ than anywhere in NYC.”

Eric Malson pens a long overdue paean to the wontons in red oil (hóng yóu hún tún) at White Bear,” the wrappers are firm yet delicate, almost gossamer, and literally melt in your mouth. . . . Every time I eat this dish, I want it to go on forever.” Amen, brother.

In Diners Journal Melissa Clark has an adaptation of Manzanilla’s tortillita gaditana, traditional Spanish shrimp fritters that “tasted intensely of the sea — saline, sweet and a little funky.” Sounds divine.

The Atlantic Wire has a sweet piece on cronut backlash,which includes this gem: “So there will be people without cronuts. There will be people who want more cronuts. There will be heartbreak. And pastries should bring smiles, not heartbreak. That’s like the first rule of pastries. Meanwhile, in all that hurt and anger, celebrity chef Eric Ripert appears to be gorging himself on an endless supply somewhere.”

First We Feast implores Cronut haters to please “calm the f**k down,” making the valid point that Dominique Ansel is a bona fide pastry artisan whose intent was not to create the next Luther burger. Quoth Ansel, “My team has tried to please everybody and be very sweet to customers, but people forget that we’re not a Cronut shop. We are a French bakery and our specialty is French baked items. We have almost 100 different items on the menu.

The only thing that I get up for at 4:30 a.m. is a barbecue road trip, so in lieu of a Cronut I will be feasting on a Dunkin Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich.Wish me luck.

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