05/31/13 11:29am

Tasty Links From the Gastronomic Blogosphere

Uncle John’s hot links are revelatory.

O.G. ethnic food scribe Robert Sietsema is back in the saddle with a new column at Eater, which specializes in microneighborhoods. First up Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, with Pakistani goat feet and some stupendous sounding khachapuri, from Georgian Bread.

James Boo is also on the khachapuri trail, with a 1 Minute Meal video for Serious Eats New York about the tasty cheese-enriched bread, as baked by Shorena Dalakishvili, who says that in Georgia, “Everywhere, everybody have khachapuri.” No word on whether everybody weighs 300 pounds.

And SENY’s J. Kenji López-Alt has a stunning report on the “Holy Grail of New York Sushi,” including hotaru ika, baby firefly squid smeared with kani miso, a paste made from the guts of cooked crabs. J.K. writes: “This one is no joke—you have to like intense ocean aromas to get past its take-no-prisoners approach to flavor.” Sounds great J.K., I’m all about intense ocean aroma and flavor.

“They call it gravy but it’s really sauce,” says Valerie Mancuso Del Posto chef di cucina Matt Abdoo’s 90-year-old grandmother. “Well grandpa’s family always called it gravy, right?”,  Abdoo says at the beginning of a Bon Appétit cooking video that if your anything like me will make both your eyes and mouth water.

With summer just around the corner Grub Street files a primer on shaved ice from around the world from Taiwanese baobing to Malaysian ais kacang.

Why work your way through five pounds of potatoes to hone your knife skills? Now you can cut into a cookbook. Yep, Slice A Recipe is a thing, at least it is in Colombia.

The Times has a great piece on the vibrant ethnic food scene in Hudson County, N.J., which includes everything from old school eggplant parm and clam bars to Filipino bangus.

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