04/24/13 3:45pm

Tasty Links From the Gastronomic Blogosphere

Uncle John’s hot links are revelatory.

Serious Eats New York files a review of the “raw and unafraid, maybe a little off-kilter” home cooking that my homegirl Big Sister Zhu is slinging at Flushing’s Lao Cheng Du.

I count myself a big fan of the pork belly at Tong Sam Gyup Goo Yi in Murray Hill, now there’s another reason to love the Korean joint with the smiling piggy in the window: cold naengmyun noodles served in a bowl that is itself made of ice.

Pete Wells’ one-star New York Times review of Randazzo’s Clam Bar in the County of Kings makes this Italian-American boy hunger for “calama “with “the Sauce.”

I can’t remember the last time I ate on Brooklyn’s Smith Street, but Tejal Rao’s review of Nightingale 9’s Southern American-Vietnamese cuisine and its “fried rice crisped in pig fat” makes me want to hop a train to Carroll Gardens right now.

Thanks to O.G. Village Voice food writer Robert Sietsema, I now know where my pal Phillip Kirschen-Clark is cooking these days: Café Cluny in the West Village.

C+M did not win Saveur’s Best New Food Blog Award. That’s O.K. though because the hilariously healthful Thug Kitchen did.

Team Eater weighs in on the new Difara’s spin off from the family of Midwood pizza god Dom Demarco. I sure hope they have the artichoke pasta I used to enjoy way back in the prior millennium.

And over on Eating in Translation my man Dave Cook makes me want to trek to Little Serow in Silver Spring, Md., for Thai “chicharrones” with nam prik narohk, or “chili paste from hell.”

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