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Grill Point’s Turkey-Lamb Shuwarma is Paradise in a Pita

Grill Point’s shwarmic wonder wheel beckons passersby.

Grill Point’s shwarmic wonder wheel beckons passersby.

Spell it shwarma or shawarma, I don’t care. Either way, the Middle Eastern sandwich of stacked meat roasted on vertical spit is one of my all-time favorites. Truth be told I am mesmerized by rotating, roasting meat whether it’s a whole goat or a tower of chicken or lamb slowly browning, just waiting to be shaved off into sandwiches. One of the best places in Queens to get an Israeli version of this sandwich is Grill Point, where they spell it shuwarma. Grill Point lies on the largely Israeli end of Main Street in Kew Garden Hills. It’s an area I wish I visited more often. So when my pal Meir suggested we have lunch there I immediately said yes.     

The turkey lamb shuwarma has a perfect balance of crunchy browned bits and succulent meat.

The turkey lamb shuwarma has plenty of crunchy browned bits.

I ordered the lamb shuwarma ($10.10) and got a surprise, turkey. At first when I read “pita lamb turkey,”on my receipt I thought it was a mistake. The grill man assured me though that the spit he was carving from was composed of 60/40 blend of lamb and turkey, a meat that I begrudgingly eat every Thanksgiving. I was tempted to ask him whether Grill Point uses meat glue to bond the two, but I’m pretty sure the wonder substance is not kosher. In addition to the wonderfully sweet and spicy meat alloy, my pita was packed with creamy hummus, Israeli salad, and fried eggplant. Best of all there was a perfect balance of crunchy browned meat from the shwarmic wheel’s exterior and succulent  flesh from within. Truly one of the best “shuwarma” in recent memory.

Grill Point’s baby chicken shuwarma with fries.

Grill Point’s baby chicken shuwarma with fries.

Meir’s baby chicken sandwich looked damn tasty too. I would be remiss if I did not mention Grill Point’s excellent salad bar, which is included in the price of a sandwich. It’s better than I remember. The spicy carrot with preserved lemon was simply amazing. Like I said I need to get to this end of Main Street more often. Oh, and if any of my more ambitious friends want to cook a turlucken for Thanksgiving next year, count me in.

Grill Point, 69-54 Main St., Kew Gardens Hills,  718-261-7077

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