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Pig Marrow Bone Soup at Zhu’s Snacks in the Golden Shopping Mall

When eating pork bone soup a straw and a glove come in handy.

When eating pork bone soup a straw and a glove come in handy.


“And where is this pig marrow bone soup you speaketh of?” my pal Liza de Guia of Food Curated tweeted me a couple of weeks back. Her question was prompted by my mention of a joint in Flushing where one could get pig marrow bone soup. OK, Liza I suppose you have been waiting long enough. The  mysterious pig marrow bone soup can be had at Zhu’s Snacks on the lower level of the Golden Shopping Mall.

Zhu’s offers six types of pork bone soup.

Zhu’s offers six types of pork bone soup.

The word marrow doesn’t appear anywhere on Zhu’s wall menu. Pork bone does though, six times to be precise. Pork bone wheat noodle, pork bone taro, and plain old pork bone to name a few, each containing three pork bones and their respective marrow. The uninitiated are in for a pleasantly primitive surprise when Mr. Zhu presents a single plastic glove and a straw along with chopsticks and a soup spoon. You’ll need that straw to slurp out the marrow. And you’ll want to put a glove on your off hand while you gnaw the bits of meat off the bone like a cave man.

I went with pork bone jiang fen noodle soup ($5). Submerged in the broth were three pork bones, accompanied by some bok choy, goji berries and short broad lengths of sticky-squishy jiang fen noodles. The soup, slightly oily with just a bit of white pepper, was a nonevent. It could probably have benefitted from a splash of black vinegar to cut the grease. The marrow bones were spot on though, providing a proper Golden Shopping Mall caveman experience.

Zhu’s Snacks, Stall 16,  Golden Shopping Mall, 41-28 Main Street, Flushing

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