02/15/13 10:15am

Northern Boulevard is NYC’s Real Korea Town

This shop features many products imported from Korea,including soy bean paste.

This shop features many Korean products, including soy bean paste.

I like the fact that there’s a Korea-town in Manhattan. I used to visit it with a Korean girlfriend, back in the day. She taught me all about soju and BBQ and first introduced me to Kunjip. So I have a certain fondness for Manhattan’s K-town, but I’m here to tell you that the real K-town in New York City is the stretch of Northern Boulevard that runs from Flushing practically all the way to Long Island.

I say this not just out of Queens pride, but because it’s true. There’s a seemingly endless number of Korean restaurants of all kinds—BBQ, sushi, kimbap, several live octopus joints, Korean-Chinese, even a porridge specialist—that I have yet to wrap my mind around. There are also plenty of markets ranging from supermarkets to small shops that sell all manner of ingredients imported directly from Korea. As my buddy Joe McPherson of ZenKimchi Koreaan Food Journal pointed out after a visit, “So, New Yorkers, that stuff you say that you can’t get is out there in Flushing.” Indeed it is Joe, indeed it is.

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