01/07/13 3:15pm

The Porktastic Crispy Pata at Mama Meena’s in Woodhaven

I want a pig foot, Mama.

I want a pig foot, Mama.


Crispy pata is one of those dishes exemplifies the Filipino passion for all things pork, particularly fried things. The thing in question in this case is a deep fried pig trotter. It’s available in many places in Woodside’s Little Manila, but I like the version at Mama Meena’s in Woodhaven, a neighborhood not exactly known for Pinoy food. Last time I checked Meena’s was the only Filpino place in the nabe. Her pig foot is fried to a shattering crunchiness and the meat beneath the burnished skin is juicy and tender. Dip it in the accompanying vinegar sauce and you’ll begin to understand the Pinoy obsession for pork.

Mama Meena’s, 94-20 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421, 718-696-8882

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