01/02/13 1:07pm

Leche de Pantera King of All Ceviches

It's an aquatic cornucopia!

This aquatic cornucopia will put a panther in your tank!


Cevicheraw fish that’s been cooked in lime juiceis one of my favorite Peruvian dishes, refreshing and packed with protein. I always feel great after eating it. For a long while I had a thing for leche de tigre, or tiger’s milk. Served in a martini glass it’s so named for the milky liquid, composed mainly of lime juice and chopped seafood. I like to order it spicy and then drain the remaining liquid. Talk about invigorating.

And then I discovered leche de pantera ($13) at Cevicheria El Rey. It makes leche de tigre look a kitten. Like the tigre it has shrimp, half a blue crab, and bits of chopped seafood. That’s just the beginning though. It’s amazing how much seafood you can cram into a martini glass. There were also two baby squids, a mussel, and several clams in there. It gets its color from concha negra. Topped with crunchy maiz cancha it’ll put a panther in your tank for sure.

Cevicheria El Rey, 85-16 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights, 718-606-9077


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