01/31/13 12:05pm

Cumin Sliced Fish at Lao Dong Bei

Gimme that Dong Bei filet o' fish. Gimme that fish.

Gimme that Dong Bei filet o’ fish. Gimme that fish.


Lao Dong Bei is one of the newer, if not the newest, Northeastern Chinese joints to open in Flushing. The name means “old Dong Bei.” One of my favorite things to eat here is the cumin sliced fish ($12.50). The fish fry-up is dusted with red chili and strewn with cumin seeds. A crunchy, spicy exterior gives way to tender flounder flesh. That spice mixture may look familiar to fans of Fu Run’s Muslim lamb chop. That’s because the man behind the wok here used to be the head chef at Fu Run. I have taken to calling the combination of cumin, sesame, and chili Old Dong Bei Seasoning.

Many thanks to my pal Peter Cuce for the mouthwatering photo.

Lao Dong Bei, 44-09 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11355, 718-539-4100

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