10/31/14 12:10am

Look for us in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater soon.

It’s not every day someone offers to put the name of my web site in lights. That’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago though when Zeusvision approached me with an offer to run digital display ads featuring C+M on the sides of buses driving through Los Angeles. At first, I was like really? And was frankly dubious. Then I remembered that I once made a T-shirt called Viva Queens y L.A. and took it as a sign from the Universe. (more…)

07/26/13 10:25am


 The coverage of the imminent arrival of Los Angeles-based Umami Burger in New York City has been making me incredibly hungry. I’ve yet to try one, but as a kid who ate Accent out of the jar, I’m all about that fifth taste. Umami Burger opens in the West Village (432 6th Ave.) on Monday. CEO Adam Fleischman  took some time out of his busy schedule to answer Seven Questions.

What inspired you to create Umami Burger?
I wanted to approach burger making from a scientific way to make things more delicious. (more…)