01/29/13 9:12am
Life's a square of cherries.

Life’s a square of cherries.

Andre’s Hungarian Strudel & Pastries is known best for its flaky namesake strudel, but there are also plenty of other sweet treats to choose from, including buttery rugelach. Lately I have been enjoying the pite ($3.50), squares of fruit pie sandwiched between a golden crust. I like the apple version well enough, but the other day I had a slice of the sour cherry for breakfast.  It had the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.  Andre would most likely not appreciate the comparison, but on some primal level I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Hostess Fruit Pies I wolfed down as a kid. Along with a strong cup of coffee it’s a fine breakfast for a grownup sweet tooth.

Andre’s Hungarian Strudel & Pastries, 100-28 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills,  718-830-0266