06/13/14 12:42pm

Spanish red prawn paella as served at Lot 10 in Hong Kong.

These days the old social media channels teem with food photos, good, bad, and ugly. I like to think that mine are good. One Instagrammer who never fails to make hungry is little_meg_siu_meg, a well-travelled and well-fed Hong kong Kong resident. This photo she snapped of grilled prawn paella at On Lot 10 in Hong Kong left me speechless. Her description of the aroma of roasted shells makes me want to eat this right now. To submit your delicious finds to Photo Friday simply tag your Instagram photos with #CMSHUNGRY.

10/15/13 10:32am

Doctoring up Tasty Sweety’s durian sago soup with even more durian.


“If you don’t like durian we shouldn’t sit so close to the counter,” a 40-something Chinese man said to his family as they entered Tasty Sweety a cute little shop in downtown Flushing that specializing in Hong Kong style dessert soups, including those made with durian. As I got up to leave, I smiled at him. “Oh, you must like it,” he said. (more…)