As a Queens-based food writer, I’ve been exploring the borough’s diverse global cuisines from regional Chinese food courts, Nepalese momo carts, and Latin American food trucks and eateries to the recent influx of such Americana like fancy grilled cheese and Southern barbecue for more than a decade.  I’m an intrepid eater and explorer known as “The Guy Who Ate Queens” thanks to New York magazine and will try anything once.

As with my former blog, World’s Fare, Chopsticks and Marrow will have a heavy focus on food in Queens, which remains my passion. But really my passion is food—interesting, delicious, and sometimes downright strange—from all over the world, and all over the country, so expect the occasional Road Trip and At the Ethnic Market columns. Who knows? I might even start posting recipes. And, yes, I know you can’t eat bone marrow with chopsticks, but I know a great Chinese joint in Flushing where you can get pig marrow bone soup.