01/18/16 11:41pm

‘Royal Cuisine’ Comes to Astoria via Tut’s Hub


Chicken ain’t nothin’ but a bird.


With the exception of certain Mexican cantina/hookah lounge Tut’s Hub might well be the strangest restaurant in Astoria. I’ve never been able to quite get behind the Mexican hookah lounge, but Tut’s Hub wedged between two discounts shops on Steinway Street drew me right in with its promise of “Royal Cuisine” and over-the-top Temple of Dendur style.

Once inside I was a little overwhelmed by all the menu choices, design your own pasta, design your own feteer, plus a salmon dish that they seemed all too eager to push on me. I settled for the chicken shawarma platter and grabbed a can of Fayrouz, an apple flavored Egyptian malt beverage.


Tut’s Hub is situated between two discount shops.

The chicken and rice platter was massive platter and took well to the fiery hot sauce. I’m not sure whether it’s the best chicken and rice I’ve ever had, but eating it in the upstairs dining room complete with Egyptian statues while looking across the street at Modell’s was a one-of-kind experience.


A feast fit for a boy king.

Next time I’ll have to try the create your own feteer, or the Egyptian national dish of kushari, which combines rice and elbow macaroni with chickpeas in a spicy sauce.

Tut’s Hub, 30-91 Steinway St., Astoria, 718-932-8000

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