12/08/15 11:17am

A Double Dose of Jewish Soul Food at Knish Nosh

Latke and matzo ball soup, together at last!

Latke and matzo ball soup, together at last!

“I don’t even come here for knishes any more,” a gentleman I shared a table with at Knish Nosh said to me yesterday. “I come for her cooking,” he said of Chef Ana Vasilescu, who makes killer perogies among other specialties. I had come for a bowl of matzo ball soup.

“Better than my mother’s,” my new friend remarked of the classic Jewish restorative. “Mine too,” I thought, remembering that I don’t have a Jewish mother. Then I noticed two golden brown patties next to his soup. “Are those latke?” I asked.

Soon I was digging into a double dose of Jewish soul food. “I’m good advertising,” my new friend remarked when he saw my order. The latkes—with applesauce natch—made for a nice accompaniment to the matzo ball soup.

“So you only have these during Hanukkah? I asked Chef Ana. “No, we have every day,” she responded in her usual slightly harried tone that comes of being a one-woman show. Now that I know Chef Ana’s latke are available year-round, I’m trying to work up the mettle to ask her to make me a chopped liver latke sandwich. Wish me luck!

Knish Nosh, 98-104 Queens Blvd., Rego Park,718-897-5554

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