11/08/15 10:07pm

Beautiful Börek at Sunnyside’s Turkiyem Market


The buttery folds of Turkiyem’s börek are filled with a savory mix of beef and herbs.

One of the things I love most about leading food tours in Queens is reliving  the sense of discovery through my guest’s as they experience new flavors—fresh Chinese tofu, Nepalese jerky, Mexican seafood cocktails—for the first time. Sometimes, I even make new discoveries while leading a tour. This past Saturday I discovered that I can ride a bike through Queens traffic without getting creamed, I also found some awesome homemade böreks at Turkiyem Market in Sunnyside.

When we arrived at the market which is filled with all sorts of Turkish products—pastries, olives, sodas, and a butcher counter—I had no idea what we were going to get. Then I saw a lovely brown baked item in the case. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s a börek, it has meat inside,” the dude behind the counter said.

Pretty soon my fellow riders and I were tucking into squares of the golden pastry filled with a savory mix of ground beef and herbs. The butter layers of dough made for some tasty Turkish fuel for the ride ahead.

“It’s good for breakfast,” said the guy behind the counter who’d joined me and the bike tour members outside the shop. Along with a nice cup of Turkish tea one might even consider it part of a complete börekfast.

 Turkiyem Market, 46-31 Skillman Ave., Sunnyside, 718-937 3456

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