12/24/14 12:56pm

How To Order a Philly Cheesesteak

The good folks at Visit Philly have chosen to make me hungry on this rainy Christmas Eve. And I, in turn pass this gift on to you. I’m a Tony Luke’s man—roast pork with provolone, broccoli rabe and cherry peppers—but this highly instructional, hunger-inducing video makes me want to spend a weekend in Philly eating my way through all of its cheesesteaks. I might have to make a road trip just to try the brisket cheesesteak with wasabi spread and crunchy onions at Jake’s Sandwich Board. By the way, how do you take your cheesesteak wit or witout?

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  • I might recommend a visit to John’s Roast Pork, just minutes from Tony Luke, for their legendary roast pork — their roast beef and cheesesteaks aren’t bad either.
    And if you’re feeling brave, check out Donkey’s Place, over da Bridge in Camden, for their unique riff on the cheesesteak. It’s only open during the week though.
    Some people say the new DiNics in the Philly Navy Yard has surpassed the mothership in Reading Terminal. I’ve not been able to confirm that yet, but their roast pork is really fine.
    And Paesanos has superb sandwiches too. I go to the one in Italian Market.
    I sense a road trip coming up….