10/08/14 10:13am

La Nueva’s Miga, a Six-pack of South American Sabor


La Nueva Bakery is the only hybrid Uruguayan-Colombian bakery I’ve ever encountered. Savory Colombian snack breads like pan de bono and pan de queso sit in the case beside Uruguayan treats like dulce de leche-filled churros and the buttery twists known as hornitos. And there are Uruguayan sandwiches de miga, dainty crustless triple deckers with various fillings sold in packages of six. They line the deli case like so many savory layer cakes.


Who ordered the corn and Muenster?

A  bundle of migas mixtos costs $5.50. Tuna and egg salads account for two triple-deckers. The remainder consist of various permutations of ham and cheese. Ham and cheese with lettuce and with tomato were pretty ordinary, but the one with roasted red peppers was a nice change of pace.

The oddball of the lot is a sandwich of corn and Muenster cheese. It’s strange but kind of tasty. The dainty six-pack of sandwiches is a good alternative to a calorific Cubano or a stupor-inducing torta. Best of all they’re so light there will be room for dessert. A sweet sandwich of sorts, elephant ears with dulce de leche in between are especially good with a strong cup of coffee

La Nueva Bakery, 86-10 37th Ave., Jackson Heights, 718- 507-4785

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