08/19/14 9:04am

Nongshim Harmony Chipotle Noodle Blows Hot and Cold


It’s the Icy Hot of Korean instant noodles.

I’m a big fan of naeng myun, the Korean cold noodles that I like to call edible air conditioning. Thus far the summer hasn’t been hot enough to truly enjoy a bowl of the cool, slippery arrowroot noodles. That’s why I’m glad I discovered Harmony, a new chipotle flavored noodle from Nongshim that can be eaten either hot or cold.

Nongshim’s graphic for Harmony makes the point with a blue and red bowl leaping with flames. They’re not far off in describing the heat. The first package I made I ate cold, shocking the noodles under running water, then stirring in the chipotle paste, and lastly putting it in the freezer for five minutes. The noodles were springy and spicy enough to make my nose run.


Nongshim’s getting into the Korean-Mexican fusion gane.

A couple of days later I tried the Korean-Mexican fusion ramen hot. It was just as good, and tasted even spicier because of the heat. And then it dawned on me that chipotle paste is really a Mexican gochujang of sorts. And I remembered watching some Mexican guys enjoy a bowl of champon, the spicy Korean-Chinese seafood soup. If you want to try Harmony, you can find it at most major Korean suprermarkets. I scored mine at Assi Plaza.

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