07/01/14 10:11am

This Week in New York City Novelty Pizza


Fiamma 41 has taken the breakfast sandwich and turned it into a pizza.

La vera pizza Napoletana. Four words that conjure up my ancestral homeland, and authenticity. Not every blistered pie that’s emerging from wood burning ovens in New York City hews to the classic aesthetic these days. Today, a look at two brick oven mashups, for better or worse.

First up, the breakfast pizza at Fiamma 41 in Bayside. The ingredients of a New York City breakfast sandwich—bacon, eggs, and American cheese—have been put on a pizza along with mozzarella. It’s a novelty that seems tailor-made to satiate the late-night munchies. When it comes to breakfast mashups, I prefer my invention, the breakfast dumpling.



Ribalta’s pizza Americana sports meat and potatos.

To honor the participation of the United States in this year’s World Cup, the folks at Union Square’s Ribalta created what they are calling the pizza Americana. Two classic American fast-food staples hot dogs and French fries top the disc. I was advised to avoid the temptation to pick the fries and wieners off and eat them separately and instead to fold the slice up to enjoy the whole thing. Like Fiamma 41’s  breakfast pie it wasn’t bad, but the only way I can see eating it again is if the U.S. wins the World Cup.

While both pies were tasty in their stoner food kind of way, my favorite pizza mashup remains the falafel pizza as served at Benjy’s Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

Fiamma 41, 214-26 41st Ave, Bayside, 718-225-5700
Ribalta, 48 E 12th St., 212-777-7781



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