05/05/14 10:12am

Flushing’s Queen of Sichuan Cookery Comes to Elmhurst


Zhu Da Jie now has a skewer cart in Elmhurst.

“Hello,” a cheery voice called from the corner of Broadway and Whitney. I’d stopped briefly to marvel at Elmhurst’s only Chinese BBQ skewer lady. When she called out to me I immediately recognized it was my old friend Zhu Da Jie, the Sichuan lady chef who most recently cooked out of Lao Chengdu in Flushing. Rumor had it that she’d moved back to China.

“I miss your food,” I said as she generously handed me four skewers, two chicken and two lamb. The $1 sticks were dusted in chili powder and just a hint of Sichuan peppercorn. Her 22 item roster includes beef tendon ($1.25), fish maw ($1.50), and the intriguing sounding buccaneer ($1.50). I am hoping against hope that Zhu Da Jie starts selling her magnificent dan dan mian on the street.

Zhu Da Jie Skewer Cart, Broadway and Whitney Ave., Elmhurst, hours 2 p.m.-1 a.m.

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