09/30/13 12:15pm

What’s Your Favorite Colombian Bread?


A miniature pandebono filled with arequipe, Colombian dulce de leche.

A hundred years ago back when Sripraphai was just a tiny fluorescent lit storefront I lived in Woodside. My local ethnic eats roster consisted of tacos washed down with copious amounts of Tecate, visits to various Filipino spots in Little Manila, Sripraphai, and the Colombian piqueteadoro, where I’d pop in for a coffee and a buñuelo. The golden orb of spongy cheesey fried awesomeness was just one of several small breads on offer, including multigrain rolls and pandebono, another cheese enriched bread. Last week I stopped into La Delicia en Pandebono (40-23 82nd St., Elmhurst) for a coffee. I wasn’t going to eat anything, but then I saw a row of Lilliputian pandebono filled with dulce de leche, or as they call it in Colombia, arequipe. Cheesy and sweet it’s the best fifty-cent companion to a cup of coffee money can buy. Here’s what I’d like to know: What’s your favorite Colombian bread? Tell me in the comments, or hit me on the Twitter, @JoeDiStefano.

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