05/21/13 2:30pm

Tea Cup’s Mango Sticky Rice is a Sweet Thai Street Eat

Slices of mango surround an oval ofgreen-hued sticky rice laced with pandan.

Slices of mango surround an oval of green-hued sticky rice.

Tea Cup Cafe, a quirky Thai coffee shop with a sideline in street food, has become one of my favorite places for Southeast Asian snacks. Good as they look I have yet to try the various cupcakes and other confections. When I’m in the mood for something sweet at Tea Cup, I always get the same thing, mango with sticky rice ($5). Slices of ripe orange fruit fan out around an oval of green-hued sticky rice. The whole affair is lashed with sweetened milk and showered with sesame seeds. The first time I had this dessert I wondered what was up with the green rice. Then I took a bite and realized it was flavored with the sweet bready extract of pandan leaves. I’m told  it’s a popular street sweet in Thailand. I’m just glad to have found such an artful version of it here in Queens.

Tea Cup Cafe, 76-19 Woodside Ave., Elmhurst

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