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What are C+M’s Top Late-Night Eats in Jackson Heights?


Jaal muri, a Bangaldeshi chaat makes for a great late-night snack.


What are you your favorite late-night eateries in Jackson Heights?-Harry H.

It depends what kind of eats you’re craving. If it’s street food the taco vendors right outside the 74 Roosevelt terminal on Roosevelt Avenue are pretty good. Not far from them are two carts specializing in momo, or Tibetan beef dumplings. For a truly unique street food experience hit up Baul Daada Jal Muri shop on 73 St. near 37 Ave. Despite the name it’s not a shop, it’s streetside Bangladeshi chaat operation run by one Baul Daada. Three bucks gets you an order of his specialty, jal muri, or spicy puffed rice. It’s a sensory overload of a snack consisting of puffed rice, kala chana (black chickpeas) chopped tomatoes, cilantro, green chili paste, red onions, crunchy dried soybeans, cilantro, spicy fried noodles, and squirts and shakes from the various and sundry bottles, including some sinus-clearing mustard oil.

For late-night kebabs, check out the Pakistani-run Kababish (70-64 Broadway, Jackson Heights, 718-565-5131). Open 24 hours a day it serves up all manner of skewered meat, including the gola kebab—ground beef marinated with papaya, seasoned with garlic, ginger and cardamom and fried in butter—for $5.99. And if you’ve got a cerebellum craving, try a plate of goat brain masala for $19.99.

Your best bet for a late-night restaurant meal is Zabb Elee (71-28 Roosevelt Ave., 718-426-7992), which serves some mind-blowing northeastern Thai food, including pla som ($9), a pleasantly sour tasting fermented fish that’s been deep fried. Among the papaya salads is one with salted crab ($7.50) that really brings the funk. The grilled pork neck is also quite good. Best of all Zabb is open until 2 a.m. , Sunday-Thursday and 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Hope that’s late enough for you.

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  • Joe, Thanks… I hit up Zabb Elee. We had the dishes you recommended and then some Duck Larb.. which I think of more a Lao dish.. all very good..

    I was picking up my Nephew at the airport and this was great. I wanted to give him an ethnic taste of NYC and I didn’t want to worry about the place closing if his flight was delayed.. by the time we finished dinner there wasn’t any traffic and we zipped right into the city.. This is going to be a regular stop after night time visits to the airport; can we call that Après-JFK?